Virgin Organic Coconut Oil & Low Carb

Coconut OilWhat's the deal with coconut oil? As it turns out, for people on low carb diets, it can be a helpful thing. Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides (MCT's) which can be quickly processed by the body and ultimately breaks down into ketones. Ketones are what the body produces when eating a low carb diet for several days in a row. It's a completely natural body process. Your brain and body can use ketones for energy instead of relying entirely on sugar, like a traditional diet creates.

That's why in the suggested low carb menu, coconut oil is listed as a supplement to the diet. I think it can be especially helpful for that first week or two while your body is adjusting to ketosis. It can help supply additionial ketones that just might make that transitional period easier.

Coconut oil is solid at room temperatute. But the instant you put it in your mouth, it melts and tastes like a creamy coconut. I actually like the flavor and was pleasantly suprised by the taste. I just scrape some out on a spoon and pop in my mouth. I don't cook with it, I just eat it raw. But I would recommend using Virgin Organic Coconut Oil (I like the Spectrum brand and also the NOW brand).

But, I created a simple low carb dessert recipe using chocolate, coconut oil and almonds...

Rob's Deconstructed Chocolate Almond Delight - Low Carb Dessert Recipe

1 Dark Chocolate Square (85% cocoa - I like Lindt brand)
1 -2 tsp of raw virgin coconut oil
6 Almonds

Ok - here's the fun part and why it's deconstructed

Break the chocolate square (just one square, not the whole bar of chocolate) in half
Place 1 tsp of the coconut oil onto a spoon - it'll be solid, but will melt once you eat it
Place 3 almonds in your hand and then...

Chew the dark chocolate to get started, then immediately eat the coconut oil and follow with the almonds.

The goal is to finding the right timing to get maximum flavor. Which, to me, is the fun part. Heck with all this pre-packaged sugar-laden candy bar stuff, where's the joy in that?

Repeat with the other dark chocolate half. Net carbs total? About 4g of carbs.

Notes: 85% dark chocolate can be a bit bitter and the coconut oil really smooths out the flavor. In fact, I like eating just the chocolate and oil as a quick snack / low carb dessert. And the last time I did it, I stepped on the scale and had lost weight the next morning. So maybe you can have your chocolate and eat it too...

The real issue for me seems to be nuts. Whenever I add nuts to my diet, my weight loss slows. I am not sure if it's the extra calories or what, but I don't eat this with nuts every day during weight loss - only just occassionally. But for maintenance low carb mode it's totally fine.

So how much coconut oil?

That's totally up to you. I have seen medical professionals suggesting about 2 - 4 tablespoons per day. Which is a fair amount. I don't eat coconut oil every day, but when I do, I might one or two tablespoons of oil per day. One tablespoon has 14g of fat.

Can I cook with it?

Yes, you can cook wth the coconut oil. In fact, it holds up better to high heat than olive oil when cooking. Just bear in mind it might leave a slight coconut taste to whatever you cook. I like to use it in curries in particular.


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