Cheese Stick & Celery Stalk - Low Carb Snack

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Ingredients :

1 or 2 Cheese Sticks
1 Celery Stalk

Difficulty : Easy
Makes : 1 Serving
Carbs per serving : 0g net carbs

Notes: Having low carb snacks handy is a crucial part of low carb success. This is a quick and easy snack. I often eat this in the afternoon a couple hours before dinner.

The ogranic cheese stix are good, we also really like the Sargento Mozarella (reduced sodium) string cheese. There are other flavors out there, like Cheddar Cheese worth trying. We don't recommend the Cheddar / Mozarella by Kraft, it's pretty much flavorless.

In a pinch, I'll skip the celery and just eat the cheese stick. But the celery is good as it adds additional fiber and nutrients and is very low carb.





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