NutsCarbs in Nuts

Nuts are very interesting when trying to eat low carb and shed pounds. In very small quantities most nuts are just fine.

However, nuts do contain carbohydrates.

In small quantities (palm full), nuts are relatively low carb. And if possible, try to eat them fresh.

After much experimentation, roasted nuts are not recommended when trying to lose weight via a low carb diet. The issue being that it's very easy to over-eat nuts.

It's not like eating butter or a steak. If eat a little too much steak, no problem. It won't kick you out of ketosis and won't trigger a carb binge. But, nuts, based on experience, do have that potential.

Almonds and pecans are some of the lower carb nuts. Peanuts are not recommended. I like buying the individual serving size packets to help control the quantity.







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