breadCarbs in Grains

Grains are not recommended while eating a low carb diet. Most grains, like flour, are essentially empty calories. The only real vitamin content have been supplemented or 'enriched'. If not for manually adding vitamins to flour, then white flour, for example, would be practically worthless.

But don't you need grains? Not necessariy. You can easily get all the carbs your body can handle by eating fruit and vegetables. The real problem with grains is that they are high in carbs and usually quickly absorbed by the body which can elevate insulin levels.

Does this include things like rice? Yes, rice, wheat, and corn are high in carbs and many people are even allergic to these things. Oats are also high in carb, especially when you start adding sugar or dried fruit. Not the best breakfast for people with low blood sugar issues.

What about whole grains? Most regular flour has been bleached and is highly processed and contains little to no fiber. Whole grains are probably a better choice as they at least have more fiber and haven't been stripped of all their nutrition.

It is extremely difficult to eat grains and get into and stay in ketosis, which is recommended for weight loss when eating low carb.

Carbs in Pasta




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